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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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into the budget. tonight, the president stays at the fairmont before speaking about the affordable care act tomorrow morning. it's the first time that mr. obama will be doing more than making appearances at fund-raisers. >> it's really important and valuable for us to glean what he is thinking. >> absolutely. if he's going to get all the way to california, he should be talking to the californians about how he's going to take our lives better here. >> reporter: for security purposes, law enforcement has been asked not to reveal how many officers they're adding. the hope is people know the president is coming and will leave the area far in advance. >> thank you, stephanie. as you heard her mention, two very high profile events on the schedule, but the public is not
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invited. so just who is? we get a preview from george kiriyama in palo alto. part of the answer to that, george, is people with very deep pockets. >> there's a sense of excitement here in palo alto. in fact, a long line of guests are forming here, forming around the block. president obama will be visiting the home of marcie and mike mccue on forest avenue. mike mccue is a successful technology entrepreneur. he co-founded a few companies, and his most recent venture is a social magazine app for the ipad. his wife is the vice president of marketing for flip board. here is a shot of their home from the air. to get into this reception tonight, you need to fork over $2500 and to get a picture with the president, you need more than that.
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the she says her home will be ready for the leader of the free world. >> you do all the things that you've always wanted to do. so if you ever wanted to paint your bathroom or change out your flowers, that's what you spend a lot of time doing. so you get ready like any party, but it is, you know, obviously very patriotic moment. it's an opportunity for you to contribute back to a leader who has done a lot for us. >> reporter: and it looks like they're allowing some of the guests in. the line is starting to move forward. the money raised here will go to the democratics senatorial campaign committee, and the president is expected to arrive here around 6:15 tonight. live in palo alto, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. after the palo alto event, the president heads west to
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portola valley. that's where jean elle picks up our coverage tonight. >> reporter: it's still pretty quiet. the secret service, other law enforcement and food trucks are starting to arrive. the president is expected just down the hill here for dinner in a couple of hours. it takes a lot of local police resources to make a presidential visit happen. in april, he was in atherton raising money. the department sent a bill for $8,000 to the white house but did not get a response. when it inquirdxdñ to the dnc, y were referred to the secret service. so far no record. to with no check in the mail, it appears atherton pd will have to absorb the cost. the sheriff's department has no plans to ask for reimbursement. money raise willed go to the democratic senatorial campaign committee. and the price for admission here
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is $32,400. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> stay with nbc bay area news for live coverage of the president's arrival at 6:00 p.m. on air a online. our website has the full details of the president's visit, including the menus. tomorrow morning, president obama will talk about obama care during a press conference at the fairmont hotel. he's likely to highlight california as proof of his signature health care law that it will work. >> reporter: california is the state's version of obama care's health insurance. starting october 1, you'll be able to sign up for a plan that will take effect january 1, 2014. under the plan, you can't be denied coverage based on preexisting conditions. you're mandated to buy insurance, even if you're healthy. and subsidies will be offered to low income clients.
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san francisco psychiatrist dr. laura davies is an adviser to the affordable health care act. she says the plan will save her money. >> i'm going to pay about $100 less a month. >> reporter: but rebecca fears she'll end up paying more through her company. >> my main concern is if the premiums are going to keep increasing as they have been in the last years. another concern i have is the quality of care we are receiving. >> reporter: she predicts care will improve under the plan. >> they're going to get better care because of the accountable care act and the way medicine will be paid differently. and physicians will be able to do their jobs and not have to bill all the time. >> reporter: still, doctors offices will be flooded with new patients. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc
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bay area news. developing news now, security or an invasion of your privacy. a report just released claims the government with help from a phone company has been tracking your phone calls and your social networks. and putting them into a database. scott budman is here with the details. >> this seems to be getting worse for the obama administration. first, the government tracking our phone calls with the help of verizon. then a report released this evening from "the washington post" about a program called "prizm" that has bay area technology companies like facebook, google and apple also giving your data to the government. this is not what we signed up for. it's the latest bombshell out of washington. the government can track and keep records of every phone call you make. and phone companies, like verizon, turn their records over
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daily to the national security agency. the location of every caller. the location of every recipient. and the time and duration of the calls. reaction from republicans was quick. >> between the total failure of attorney general holder and his team, and the irs scandal and all the other things we're watching, why would anyone trust the government to keep its word? >> reporter: with democrats, including california senator dianne feinstein, defending the obama administration for collecting the data about your phone calls. >> the data are just phone numbers and trunk lines. there's no content. it is put behind a wall. the only way it can be used is if there is strict scrutiny, reasonable knowledge that this can connect to a terrorist attack. >> reporter: in an era where
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privacy seems to be stripped away by the day, this is the latest instance of the government making citizens nervous. >> it is an invasion of privacy. it's nobody's business to know how long i've been on the phone and where i'm calling or anything else. >> reporter: the white house had no comment on the new findings. neither did verizon. this story continues to develop, even within the last few minutes. google, apple and facebook deny they're part of the prizm program. in 2006, "usa today" reported that the nsa was already compiling a data base of phone calls made by americans, collecting that data from at&t and verizon. we'll have more on the government and your data tonight on "nightly news" at 5:30. >> thanks, scott. we want to know what you think. should the government be able to track your phone calls? vote in our flash survey by texting or calling us at 408-300-9222 or text 1 for yes,
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2 for no. we'll have the results coming up at 6:00. passengers are in the hospital after being shot on the bus this afternoon. the bus driver took the men to the hospital after the shooting occurred in the city's bay view district very near the portola valley. police say three young men were on the bus. as they exited, shots were fired toward the rear of the bus. police say a man in his 20s was hit. police are looking at surveillance cameras on board to find and arrest that shooter. still ahead at 5:00, trusted to hire and fire. tonight, the second more powerful person in one bay area city is facing charges of stealing from taxpayers to run a business out of her city hall office. a teenager using her closet and hundreds more to help kids less fortunate. the store will make the bay area proud. a new comedy set at google doesn't open until tomorrow, but the tech company already knows how successful it will be.
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good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri. widespread sunshine for the south bay and right up to the coastline, san francisco seeing that fog clear back. we'll talk more about our hot weekend and these dangerous boating conditions we can expect on saturday and sunday coming up. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie.
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she was richmond's second highest ranking city official and she's been accused of misusing city resources. leslie knight will no longer be with the city after july 1, but that hasn't stopped public outcry over her rights to a pension and questions about the money she allegedly stole. jodi hernandez has more. >> the citizens demand the d.a. prosecute leslie knight. >> reporter: a small group of protesters rallied, demanding
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the d.a. bring charges against one of richmond's top officials. >> this is a classic case of corruption. >> reporter: stacey plumber stepped forward last year, alleging that leslie knight was bilking the city out of big bucks, by using city offices to run a personal business. >> city workers were making these things. they didn't want to, but she's the assistant city manager, so you don't say no. >> reporter: the city launched an independent investigation, which substantiated that claim. investigators also concluded knight was both collecting a car allowance and using a city car at the same time. >> she was taking a car allowance and utilizing a city car is unacceptable. >> reporter: the mayor says she's disturbed by the findings and not so certain the city has doled out the proper punishment. while many believe knight should have been immediately fired, bill lindsey, the city manager,
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didn't terminate her. instead, knight resigned after lindsey sent her a warning letter. >> i think we landed in a good place in terms of her own independent decision to resign. >> reporter: lindsey acknowledges he made some mistakes of his own, by missing red flags that something was amiss. >> there was an appearance that -- of things not being work related. and i think what i learned from that is really that i should have stepped in at that point. >> reporter: now others say it's time for the d.a. to step in. they think knight's actions could be criminal. >> mr. d.a., would you please come to richmond and prosecute miss knight? thank you. >> that was jodi hernandez reporting for you. the d.a. says he is reviewing the matter and will have a response by next week. we did try unsuccessfully to contact knight today. city managers say she's paid the city $10,000 for her car
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allowance that she inappropriately collected. the investigation continues into what caused a four-story building in philadelphia to collapse. crews pulled a woman from the rubble alive last night. she was rushed to a nearby hospital where she is reported to be in critical condition. many of the victims had been in the salvation army thrift store when a vacant building, under demolition, came crashing down on top of it. six people were killed and 14 hurt. right or wrong, there's a stereotype about teenage girls and their clothes that they are obsessed with them. >> one teenager says it's true about her, but she's imagined to turn a fondness into clothes into a mission for good. >> reporter: it started with a conversation around the dinner table a few years ago. the subject was foster children. it was something laura graham knew little about, so she did some research. when she learned that foster kids are given just $200 to
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clothe themselves for an entire year, that hit close to home. what she did about it makes tonight's bay area proud. if you were to write up a totally honest real estate listing for the graham house in oakland, it would have to include four bedrooms, four bathrooms -- >> people's liberation. >> reporter: one sorting room. that is, after all, what laura and her mother sue spend hours every week doing down here. appraising. folding. categorizing the thousands of clothes that come to them through laura's nonprofit. all the product of a decision this 16-year-old girl made a couple of years ago, one she'll admit she didn't think through all the way. >> i didn't think it was going to become this big. i didn't think i would be doing interviews and winning awards. >> reporter: all she had in mind back then was a single clothing drive. her goal, reach out to other
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teens and ask them for the clothes they no longer wear for children in foster care and group homes, children who would love to wear something new. >> they just want to go to school and not be singled out. they tell me how excited they are, how much joy they're filled with for the next few days when they wear the clothes. >> reporter: after hearing the good of what was coming, laura couldn't stop at just one drive. one closet now deals with more than a dozen high schools and has collected more than 12,000 pieces of clothing. >> i really like this. >> reporter: laura, blown away, not just by the quantity of clothes, but by the quality, as well. >> here's some nice shorts. i would wear those. tube top, mom? >> reporter: and back at the graham home, not only has the family room become a processing center, a shed in back has become a one-closet warehouse
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and laura in the process has become something of a local celebrity. the girl who turned a love of clothes, something you might consider to be selfish, into something totally selfless. >> i'm incredibly proud of her. i can't believe how many clothes have continued to come in. >> you've just can't let the no's keep you from trying. >> there is the great stuff with the clothes, but i talked about how working on this charity together brought them close together. as some people know, the relationship of a 16-year-old daughter and their mother can be sometimes strained. this has given them a common goal and something to work on together. so it's a great byproduct of this charity she's doing. it's brought them closer together, as well. >> and clothing can sometimes be the sticky issue.
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>> in this case, it's the opposite. let's get a check of our warming temperatures with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> the short sleeves, even the shorts coming our way. we had some sultry temperatures. 89 along the creek. 87 in san ramon. conditions continue to heat up the next two days, we are going to see the beaches undergo a little bit of a change here. dangerous rip currents are expected at the coastline, and also for boaters, small craft advisories will be in effect. and yes, the water temperature is very cold. about 55 degrees throughout saturday and sunday. mean while, as we head into your friday forecast, if you like the heat, it's going to be getting better. we'll start with the cloud cover at 5:00 a.m. by the coast line and by the bay. then throughout 11:00 a.m., mostly sunny here for the entire bay area at this point, with
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temperatures expected in the mid to also upper 70s. you can see clear skies in san francisco right now, with that fog getting come pressed down to the surface. the least amount of fog we've had over the past four or five days. in san jose, mainly clear, and a gorgeous afternoon down here across the south bay. things haven't changed too much. high pressure sitting offshore, that's going to give us a range of about 90 to 100 degrees, but not everyone that is going to get hot. once again, we've highlighted the locations that will get hotter than others. east bay, some of the top temperatures with mid to upper 90s. low 90s for the north bay. for san jose and palo alto, upper 80s and 90 for saturday. enjoy on tuesday, because the second half of your weekend is going to be drastically different. this area of low pressure forms,
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temperatures dropping 10 to 20 degrees. a few areas of fog and potentially a little drizzle will be moving baing into the forecast tomorrow morning, low 50s in the north bay. 53 in st. helena. daytime highs across the south bay, warming up a little warmer for your friday with 87 in downtown san jose. 84 in palo alto. one of the hottest locations will likely be the east bay, with upper 80s, also low 90s. 93 in walnut creek. 80s back here by the bay. san francisco at 72. a huge increase in temperatures up towards santa rosa with 91 degrees. of course, we are tracking tropical storm andrea. the center of the storm has moved on shore. winds at 50 miles per hour. if you're heading anywhere near the east coast over the next day, this is going to hold up through saturday as a tropical storm across the carolinas. so watch out for that.
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in our three-day forecast, stays hot saturday and sunday. temperatures dropping into the 80s inland. 60s at the coast and some areas of fog and also drizzle and then as we head throughout next week, temperatures stay steady with low 80s. >> thanks, jeff. in santa cruz.rning that wasn't that's up next.
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when facebook heard the police department needed help with a new substation, the company offered up some space.
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the city council approved a three-year lease there. here's a look at the new location. facebook will cover most of the rent through 2016 and will give more than $200,000 to help design the space. the police department is consulting with facebook employees to create a work environment for police and the community. >> you may not know what movie you're going to see this weekend, but google does. the "internship" doesn't open until tomorrow, but google already knows how it will do at the box office by counting online searches about a movie, google says it be predict how much a film will earn with 94% accuracy. okay, brian williams, cuts loose. that's next. [ male announcer ] a north atlantic lobster tail
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alongside a tender sirloin steak. it's sizzler's steak and lobster sensation for just $16.99! sizzler.
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you hey not realize sharks can be territorial. former weather, bigger swells are making the competition for big waves fierce. some locals are resorted posting phoney shark warnings to keep those that aren't regulars out of the water. it recommended staying out of the water for 48 hours. park rangers and police took down the signs, dismissing it as unsporting surfers who don't want to share the waves. brian williams is known for many talents but who knew rap was one of them? ♪ >> one two, three, to the fourth, snoop doggy dog is at
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the door. >> a very patient editor compiled dozens of williams' news casts to put it together one syllable at a time. >> very clever. >> one, two, three to the four, it's about to get h-o-t. i need some background beats, people. temperatures mid to upper 90s friday and saturday. and 70s at the coastline. great beach weather for saturday. watch out for the rough seas. as we head throughout sunday, we'll see cooling, fog and drizzle also forming at the coastline and temperatures dropping off into the 60s at our local beaches. looks like hot weather coming our way, but you get your cooling our way.
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>> president obama will be arriving ten minutes from now at moffett field. on the broadcast tonight, tracking your calls. why is the government keeping a record of every phone call you make? the stunning disclosure of a secret policy that's been in place for years. spy story. on the eve of president obama's crucial meeting with china's new leader, an nbc investigation reveals for the first time how the chinese hacked into obama's campaign for president. storm threat. the first tropical storm of the season hits florida with high winds and trenorrential rains. tonight andrea takes aim at a broader area with tens of millions in its sights. and hollywood's mermaid. a superstar from a bygone era who raised her sport. the one and only esther williams. "nightly news" begins now.


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